The new cd release for the LSO live label with the Paganini 24 caprices recording describe Simovic’s playing as:

‘For a recording that is as musically involving as it is technically dazzling, he has few rivals’

The Strad

‘This is what is sounds like when a player moves beyond the technical demands of a work and becomes a vehicle for the essence of the music.’

Strings Magazine

‘[Simovic] shows the astonishing variety of these works… breathtakingly worthwhile.’

The Guardian

‘The whole superb rendition can be listened to for pure pleasure.’

The Times

‘There are delights here: the teasing ‘Devil’s Laughter’ of the 13th caprice…where both Paganini and Simovic to up their game, in terms of imagination and variety.’

BBC Music Magazine 

‘Simovic colours each [Caprice] with its own character and hue… jaw-dropping.’

The Scotsman

‘Whether beautifully tuned chords and octaves, dramatic double and triple stopping, left hand pizzicato, gorgeously tactile vibrato at the close of phrases, Simovic delivers it all spectacularly.’


‘Simovic’s brilliant virtuosity and innate musicality allow him to take risks only few can hazard.’

Teatri Online

This is a fine solo disc debut and one that offers a genuine and quality alternative to the existing pile.’



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